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I am the product of two extremely creative people. My Mother is a seamstress/quilter/crafter who can make ANYTHING!  My Dad is a set designer and scenic painter, as well as very good at turning old stuff into awesome props!  This left me for many years wondering where I fit in, since I wasn't particularly creative...Then I had children of my own, boys for that matter, and I wanted to do some basic sewing. I decided to make Halloween costumes, and my son chose BOWSER, you know from Mario...and I discovered something about myself... I CAN CREATE! This blog was born of my desire to keep crafting and to help others find the creator in themselves!


I am a Mom to four boys(will be 5 Boys in Sept) and wife to one Darling Husband.  I have a house full of men and plan to donate some serious blog space to crafting and sewing for all the little men in our lives, mine especially.

Please ENJOY yourself while here. Grab you favorite drink and snack and relax.  Do you have any suggestions for me? Would you like to see something created? Do you want to be spotlighted on a Feature Friday? Do you have any questions?  If so, please email me!

contact: cynspiration [at] gmail [dot] com

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