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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! How were your Holidays? Things went wonderfully with the boys and the best part was Santa did not let them down. H responded wonderfully to every gift, every package he opened was the BEST thing he could get, and it was for about 5 seconds before he remembered the rest of the gifts. J was only excited for his BeyBlade and The MR made him quite angry calling it his souped up Dreidel.  C understood exactly how to handle the gifts. Rip paper off, stack gift, repeat.  

Now, I seem to have been slacking in this New Year already, but it is all for a good reason...

MR started his second to last semester today, and we have been spending oodles of time as a family before he spends all of his spare time on campus. That left little time for sewing or blogging. But, as soon as I get our new routine going, Things will get back to hopping here. 

I have some great plans for this month too, I am going to have a week devoted to Dress up costumes for boys. The boys LOVE to play make believe and what better way than fun, simple costumes? If you want to participate and do a guest spot, I would love that. Shoot me an email to work out the details. cynspiration (at) gmail (dot) com.

I also want to freshen up the look of the blog. But on the cheap, we are college students after all.  So if you have any ideas to share, let me know!

One final note, I wanted to share a little something about myself. So today it will be my drink of choice...
dr pepper Pictures, Images and Photos
image from laurenisglamorous at Photobucket

I am headed to pour myself one right now, and I always take a Dr. Pepper down into the sewing room with me. It wouldn't be the same without it. So, now you know my secret!

A big Hello! to my new followers too! I hope you like what you see!

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Ashley said...

Yay for Dr. Pepper!