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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hobo Sack

Have you even been over to MADE?  Dana has some great stuff and provides easy to follow Tutorials.

My Best friend growing up just had her third baby, a little boy to join her two beautiful daughters.  And I wanted to send a very personal gift.  But I also know young kids who have had their world turned upside down with the addition of a sibling. (Yep, I did it recently, in Nov '09). I wanted to give her girls something to make them feel involved and special. I decided to make them their own cinch sack, but to save myself the time of figuring the measurements and trial and error, I headed right over to see what Dana had done.
Here is my bag:

Her original tutorial can be found here.

There were only a few changes that I made.

I wanted the cinch ties to be straps so it could be worn like a backpack.  So I added twelve inches in length to each one. I also made small tabs that hold a D ring, which I sewed into the seam of the outside (right sides together) close to the bottom.


I also added a vinyl name/emergency contact card holder into the lining. I did this before any bag assembly took place, just make sure that it is on the RIGHT side of your lining.

Dana did a great job with this one!

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Jenna and Drew said...

I love these little bags! I think they are such a good idea! I also really like the little model you got!! :)