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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I need to share

There is a term in sewing that I hate, that's right. I practically DESPISE basting.  Have you ever done it? I know it is necessary to a nice finish, but really.  It seems so tedious to me.  Then I was at my Mom's house, she is a big quilter and does beautiful work. (more on her later, I plan to showcase her talents in the future) and she was using Basting Spray.

(You can find it in any fabric store, or here.)

This stuff comes in very handy when quilting-it holds the batting and layers together for easier binding. But I have found many uses for it. Like that Bowser shell. Positioning the geometric shapes on the back would have taken me far longer if I had had to baste each one . Instead I just sprayed the wrong side and stuck it on. It even allowed me to reposition it if I didn't like the original placement. Are you getting some great ideas on how to save yourself some time? The possibilities are endless, so I ask you, What are you willing to baste now? (be warned: this is sticky, so put an old sheet down underneath your fabric before you spray.)


Angela B said...

My favorite new sewing thing? I found a pinking blade for my rotary cutter!!

Pat said...

Thanks for the tips. I can't wait to try it but, when you sew does the needle not stick?

Cyn said...

Thanks for asking Pat, as long as you don't spray an extreme amount the needle does not stick while sewing. It is really easy to work with, just make sure to spray on top of a sheet or something so the adhesive doesn't get onto your floors. :)