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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Very Viking Birthday!

We call my third son Concobar. And he loves it. In fact, he is my only child to HAVE a nickname. No others stuck, and J is strongly opposed to nicknames. But the baby, he gets one. His Aunt refers to him as "Concobar the Barbarian!" and so for his first birthday theme, we ventured out of the Young ideas and went to Viking. He had a banner, a cake, and a GREAT costume.

I used a 3XL Hanes shirt from the Men's section at Walmart for his shirt and pants. Super easy(Tutorial is in the works!) The Vest I winged my way through with some fabric out of my Mom's left over pile and the belt was pieced together from the Hanes shirt. I love the bulky look of it! We had to put on the spats too, but instead of using Velcro, I used some Suede cord again to tie them on. I think it really completed the look. I then made a simple skull cap with a band  out of brown fleece(the vest was also lined with this) and added some stuffed horns. PERFECT!
Felt Banner attached to some Suede cord fund in the craft section at Walmart.
Fantastic Cake by Ashley from Ashley's Cakes by Design. Look her up if you are in her area!
I think the best part were the foam battle ax and mace!  He sure had a fun time picking on his brothers ATTACKING INVADERS!


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Angela B said...

So cute! That's such a fun idea for a birthday! I can't believe he is 1 already! Time flies!

Ashley said...

LOVE it!!