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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are your Holiday Dreams made of?

What is on your Wishlist this year? Mine is full of various books and small things, because lets face it, the MR heads into a Master's program later this year and we have 3 little boys. So Christmas for me is more about the boys. My wishlist doesn't get filled with expensive dreams. Just the small stuff. But I have a second SECRET wishlist. This is the one full of things that are OUT of the price range, but I want so bad it hurts!

There are only 2 things on this list(right now) and I know both are hopelessly out of reach, but I dream of them at night...

The Silhouette SD. WOW, what can I say, I think my crafting dreams would come true if this sat next to my computer. I can only envision all the wonderful things I could do with it. I made hats for the boys last night, J wants the bat symbol on his hat, and H wants Buzz Lightyear. How am I going to get Buzz Lightyear on a hat without buying a patch or spending hours appliquéing little pieces of fabric together? If I had the silhouette my problem would be solved. I would use the heat transfer and add it that way. I have to hold on to some hope that someday, SOMEDAY I will be able to open the door to see the UPS man handing me a package from The Silhouette company. Do you want one? Rumors around the blogosphere  tell of a special coupon code to get $100 off a special Silhouette package(okay, not rumors, they are valid! Head over to Crazy Coupon MommyMakeitLoveitHomemadebyJill. orThriftyDecorChick on Cyber Monday to get the special code or enter their giveaway for one before Sun night!). What an amazing steal! If only, If only!

The Second thing on my SECRET list is a bit more, okay a lot more expensive than the Silhouette (however, I consider it cost effective. You won't need to replace your machine in 5 years!) But it would make all my sewing dreams come true. I DREAM of the day when I don't hear the bobbin thread un-spooling because it came un-threaded mid-project, when I don't have to unpick a seam several times because my sewing machine  clogged, or the thread broke, or any of the other various problems my machine has. (These are not the result of user error. I can sew fine on my Mom's machine, which is NOT manufactured by the same company as mine.) Do you know what it is? Can you quess?

That's right, a BERNINA. Have you heard of them? Their machines are the ideal sewing machine out there, My Mom sewed on a used one for more than 20 years! That is a long life!! I can only dream of the beautiful Satin Stitching this machine could have given my Bowser Costume instead of the awful (good thing pictures don't give you a close up!) tugging that happened on my machine. I dream of the hum of this machine instead of the horrific sounds coming out of my machine(which sounds like death is knocking on it's door.) The machine pictured is the one on my list, the Aurora 450. It has 180 different stitch patterns and 4 alphabets. And it would last me years!! This one machine could see J and H into adulthood! And I see it in my dreams, every night it calls to me.

Now that you know my Secret Little Wish list, what is on yours?

(***This is not a paid advertisement and  was not requested by either company, just me spouting about what I want for Christmas this year-I would even count it as all my gifts for 2011, 2012, and 2013 too!!!***)

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Jenny said...

Wow! My wish is a Vitamix 5200 blender. Yes I know it's a blender, but go to if you have any doubts about it! Cute blog girlie!