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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beaded or Chunky Watches

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Have you seen these watches around? They are crazy popular where I live and I love how customizable they are. They also make a great gift for yourself or another Woman in your life. And the best part-SUPER EASY!
You will need:
Elastic Bead cord
The beads you want to use
A watch face
Lobster claws
spacers (not pictured)
Size your wrist to determine how big you want your beads to be. Don't know how? Wendy from Watch Beads tells you how here. Lay out your beads in the pattern or design of your choice. I made each band the same, but reversed. Don't forget to use one bead in between your lobster claws as a spacer. You will also need two beads or bars that will be strung through both bands. You can see mine in the next picture, the squiqqly little bar off to the side. 
You want to cut your elastic cord bigger than you need. I measured the amount I would need and added one more side, so if one side of my watch band needed 4 inches, I cut 12.  

Start stringing in the middle of one side so that your know will hide inside a bead when you are finished. When adding your lobster claws make sure both of them are opening in the same direction. When you get to the connector bars, Your watch band will begin to take on the shape you want.
See how well it is working?
When you have threaded all of your beads you are ready to tie off your knot. This elastic cord takes a lot to break, so don't be afraid to really tighten it. If you don't tighten it enough it will gap and you will see the elastic peeking through your beads even when it isn't being stretched. See below.
The best part about these watch bands is you can change them out for any look you want! 
Easy right? And they look great!

So, do you want your own? Or do you want to gift one to someone you love? I have the answer for you. Wendy from Watch Beads has a great online store where she sells everything you will need to make your own watch. She sells Bead Kits, shows you how to size your wrist, and the best part? Today until Saturday night, for my readers, she is offering a 10% discount!! 

Wendy has a great selection of Watch Faces, bead kits, accessories, or pre-made Watch Bands if you would rather go that route.  She has great pricing! And on top of that is offering a discount to Cynspiration readers! Follow these links and look around, then place your order.

So you have Today, Friday, and Saturday to make your purchase with a 10% discount, just enter tenoff at checkout. 

Be sure to tell your friends so they can take advantage of this great offer as well! Browse around and leave a comment letting me know what you like best!

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