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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Stockings

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Today, we are making STOCKINGS! Stockings were the first thing I really made for my family. I went out to the store and I bought a pattern, and I paid for it. At least $11 for something so simple. But at that point I was new in my sewing career and didn't know how to wing it. I am not knocking patterns though, I still enjoy sewing with them-it means someone else did the design work. But last night, I made my own pattern, one that I will be sharing if I can ever figure out how to make and upload a pdf file. In the meantime, use a pencil and freezer paper and Draw your own just the way you like it!

I left mine cuffless because I love the print on this fabric and I didn't want to cover Frosty. I will tell you when and how to add the cuff though.
Pattern. Ignore the small stocking, it was for fun and didn't get finished. I prefer a fully lined stocking, So cut 2 pieces of your outer fabric and two of your lining. This technique will also give you a reversible stocking should you desire that.
With right sides together, sew around the stocking with a 1/2 inch seam. Leave the top open. Repeat with the lining.
Notch the curves. (This helps your stocking turn and lay nicely. Ashley at MakeitLoveit gives a great example of why here.) Turn your outer stocking right side out and stuff inside your lining.
Make a tube 5 inches long by about 1 inch wide finished. Turn right side out, press, and fold in half matching raw edges. This swill be the hanging loop.
Line the raw edges of your loop up with the raw edges of your fabric, Right sides together, in between the lining and outside. 
Stitch around the top of the stocking, leaving a small opening to turn it right sides out. Stuff the lining inside, and press the opening of the stocking. Topstich around the top, making sure your loop is up. Then admire your handy work. You did a great job!

To add the cuff, cut a peice of fabric double the width of your stocking and double the length you want it to have. So we will say 18" long by 10" wide. Sew the width edges together to give you a circle. Fold in half along the seam, matching the seams on the inside. You should now have a circle that is double sided with seams inside, that is 8.5" by 5" with raw edges along the top. Press. On the step where you add the loop, first put the cuff inside and match the raw edges with the outer fabric of your stocking. Attach the loop to your lining. Continue with the instructions, but when you top stitch the opening closed the cuff should not be folded over your stocking but sticking straight out of the top.

**If your stocking is reversible and cuffed you will need to add two loops, one on either side of the cuff.

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Ashley said...

That is super cute! I love it! Great idea!