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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Calendar

It is the first day of December, and so time to make a December Calendar. See the one I made? 
I found a great little Perpetual Calendar Kit at my Local Craft Store for $3.99! What a great price, and so I scrapped the other ideas I had in favor of a December Calendar that is fully customizable. 
I wanted lots of little sayings to chose between, so that as the days go along, my Calendar isn't ever the same twice. My favorites by far though are the shopping ones. 
I wanted the dates to have fun little pictures on each block so the boys would have fun looking at them. I love the Santa Hat and Belly.
**NOTE: Block one should be numbered 0-5 and block two should have the numbers 0, 1, 2, 7, 8, and interchangeable 6/9.
I wanted to decorate the outside, and so adorned each side with a Snowman, and the back with a Snowy landscape and a tree. (not pictured...the picture is gone...I can't find it...)
I did all the painting by hand with no stencils (see how brave I was? But I wanted that homemade feeling) and when all the paint was dry I used some sand paper and sanded each edge and corner.

I have a lot of great posts coming before Christmas, including some simple gift ideas that should come together quickly! AND I plan to giveaway some of the things I'll be making, so keep coming back and tell your friends! Let's see if we can get a nice little group going and among them some lucky winners! 

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Ashley said...

That is so cute! I love it!!

Jenna and Drew said...

Such a good idea, and so cute! Good job.

vannessa said...

those are so cute!! you have some great talent cyn :)