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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bean Bags!

Bean Bags are so much fun, and my boys LOVE them. So for Christmas this year I decided to make them their own set. I discovered, Bean Bags may be one of the easiest things to make ever. (I had a great picture taken of a nice pile of bean bags that will have to come later...I am on a borrowed computer right now, mine won't connect to the internet.) Let's Begin.
I cut 20 rectangles of fabric, each 7" by 4".
Because I didn't want to spend a long time pinning, I pressed each in half matching 4" sides.
Start on one side and sew around your square, leaving an opening for turning and filling. Make sure to backstitch at each start/stop point.
Clip your corners. 
Turn Right side out.
Fill with beans. (Aren't my dry red beans pretty?)
Hand stitch the opening closed.
And Viola, finished! Repeat 19 more times. 
I really had fun with this project, and am so excited to give them to my boys for Christmas, I almost dropped the ball yesterday. J came in while I was filling the bags, and asked me who they were for. "...the kids at church..." I answered. He believed me and then politely requested that I make him some. I asked what he would do with bean bags.
"Practice throwing them into things."

So, now that I have a nice quantity of bean bags, I need to make some containers. I'll let you know how they work out!

What are you doing for your Home made Holidays?


Ashley said...

Cute! I think the boys will have so much fun with those!

Lauren Bird said...

Cute! This is such a fantastic idea and so much fun!

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