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Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Goodie Bags

Yesterday I mentioned goodie bags, and that they are my preferred way to deliver gifts to our neighbors. I think it is more personal than a plain paper plate. I love working on the presentation of my gifts or treats. I spend a lot of time wrapping the gifts for the boys so why not spend time making my homemade treats look just as good? Look how good these cookies look inside their own bag.


The first one I made was way too small, but the pictures will work the same, just change your measurements. I have the pattern pieces pictured anyway though so you can see the shape to cut.  
2 Rectangles 8 inches x 2 inches
2 each lining and fabric, 9 inches wide x 7 inches long (at the bottom cut out a two inch square from each side. This will make the sides 5" long and the bottom 5" across.)


On the squares that were cut out of each corner, fold them over and line them up, sew down both sides the same way.
It should look like this when you are finished:
Repeat for all four pieces of fabric and lining. Sew the rectangles into tubes with each edge left open, and turn. (not pictured, I forgot. EEK!)

Turn one side of fabric right side out and tuck into the other side. Match the seams you have already sewn and all raw edges. Pin. It should look like this, with right sides inside:
Starting on the side, sew around three sides of your bag, leaving the top open. Turn outer fabric right side out, leave lining right sides together.
Press your tubes flat and pin one tube to each side of the outer fabric, make sure the same side of the tube is pinned on each edge, it gives the handle the right shape when it is finished. Tuck the outside inside the lining, matching raw edges. Sew around the whole edge leaving a small opening to turn the bag right sides out.
Press the edges and top stitch around the entire top of the bag. Fill with goodies and hand out!  See how nice they look? 

Now that  you know what I do with mine, what will you do with yours? Interested in winning one of your own? Stop by tomorrow to find out how. 

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Ambrosia said...

Great tutorial! I'll have to make some of these for teacher and neighbor gifts for sure!

Beth Tunnell said...

So cute! Is this the one you were sewing while we chatted yesterday? I think I need to make them for my neighbor presents this year... The three best food groups: bread, cheese, and chocolate.

Ashley said...

Awesome! And, I'm pretty sure I recognize those cookies... :)

Crystal said...

That is such a great idea. Your friends are sure lucky to recieve such a cute gift.