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Friday, December 10, 2010

Child Scarves

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My Boys love scarves and are always trying to borrow mine. Of course, then they trip because a scarf that fits me is WAY too long for them. I set to work making them scarves and it may be the easiest project I have ever done. EVER. 

Please forgive the photo. I don't know what happened. I cut three strips of fleece(that I had leftover from Halloween-which makes this project FREE!) I cut them each 40 inches long by 6 inches wide. I used red and black, and then blue and black.
Line up the three pieces, I put the black in the middle, and sew one line right down the middle. I used a zig zag here, but on the blue one I used a straight stitch.
Cut the top two layers of the fleece into strips. My strips are each about an inch, but I just eyed it. Cut strips down both sides of your seam. Leave the bottom layer of fleece in tact. I left the bottom layer in tact so that cold air wouldn't blow in around the boys' necks. It gets really cold and windy here. I have seen a similar scarf with all the layers cut and while it is very cute, it provides little to no warmth.

*You can use more than 3 layers of fleece! Just leave the bottom layer intact, and cut the top layers into strips. The more layers, the more fluff! Have fun!
P.S. Like our Morning Faces and Bed Heads? We aren't the friendliest bunch in the AM. But it is the only time the kids are still enough to really get a photo. 


Ashley said...

SO cute!! I totally love it!! :)

Kathy said...

Cynthia, I am so glad you found us. I will let Shelbie know you are thinking of her. Hopefully she will be there Sunday. Love your blog..I will add it to my list of blogs I love!

Beth Tunnell said...

Hunter looks a lot like a Benson in the bedhead picture! So cute.

Jenna and Drew said...

I love this picture! Man o man do we miss you guys. The scarfs looks great! Brooklyn loves her scarf you made a couple years ago.